Eagle Images

To put it simply we want to be your printer. Sure, print the small stuff in your office but leave the big jobs for us. That’s what we do. And, we are good at it. No worries about huge lease payments or paying for clicks you don’t use. Maintenance is our problem too. No need to store large quantities of paper, we have plenty. With prices as low as 4¢/copy (including paper) we can save you time and money.

Eagle Images has been an institution on this campus for almost 50 years. From the 1962 beginning in the Administration Building (now the Hurley Building) to our USB and Union locations we have been here to serve you, our customers. Back in the day, small offset presses were used to make copies. The results were not high quality and certainly not fast; even small jobs could take days to produce.

In the late nineties we switched to analog copiers. What a great day that was! No more ink, plates, or temperamental printing presses! By the turn of the century we were completely digital. In early winter 2011 we installed two new digital printers. This new equipment provides cutting edge technology, higher quality, and more speed with much less energy consumption and heat. This stable of high speed, high volume digital printers is capable of producing up to 160 pages per minute with inline punching and booklet making.