What is an Account Form and why do I need one?

Account Information Forms provide us with chart string information for billing as well as contact information in case there is an issue with your mail. They also help us to keep a record of what was sent by your department.
Account Information Forms are required when you are mailing:

  • 50 or more letters
  • 20 or more flats
  • Priority Mail Express
  • Large, heavy boxes
  • Eship Global (FedEx/UPS)
How do I send Intercampus Mail?

A department name is required for all intercampus mail. While additional information may be useful, please keep in mind that we do not deliver based on names, building, or room numbers. For more information on Intercampus mail check out this page.

How do I get my department added to the mail routes?
On our homepage click on the button to request or update mail stop and fill out the following form.
Will Mail Services package my mail for me?
While we do have some shipping supplies, we rely on the departments to fully package and address their mail.
Do you offer FedEx/UPS?
Yes, we can ship items through both UPS and FedEx. Please make sure to have the Eship Global Account form for all UPS/FedEx shipments. Items must be packaged and addressed before being handed off to Mail Services for processing.
What are my options for overnight/expedited shipping?
We can ship items overnight* via USPS, FedEx, and UPS.
For USPS the item must be packaged in a Priority Mail Express envelope as well as have the Priority Mail Express label filled out completely.
For UPS/FedEx the item must be completely packaged, addressed, and have “Overnight” noted somewhere on the Eship Global Account form.
Also please be aware that depending on the time of day we receive the item it may not go out until the following day.

*Not all destinations are available for overnight delivery.
How can I get a tracking number for my mail?
Make sure to mark “Tracking” and provide an email address on your Account Form and we will send the tracking information. If you have a large mailing and want tracking for each piece, we can provide your department with the tracking labels. Affix each label undernearth the delivery address and take note of which tracking number goes with which address.
What is the proper return address I should use?

All outgoing mail from the University must have a return address like the example below:

University of North Texas            Name of University

PDS Mail Services                        Name of Department

1155 Union Circle #305057          Street Address and Department Box #

Denton, TX 76203                           City, State, and Zip

The parts in bold are where you use your specific department information. Everything else should be exactly as the example above. Do not use the physical address of your building unless you are located at Discovery Park.

What is the daily cutoff time for mail to go out?

For mail to go out the same day we need to receive it by 3pm. Mail that qualifies for discounted presort rate must be received by 1pm to go out the same day.

What is the process for sending international mail?

We send most international mail in bulk shipments once a week to a third party company for processing. This allows us to receive great discounts on international shipping. Make sure to have an Account Form with your mail and mark international. If your mail requires a customs form, you can create one here.

If my department receives a package from Eagle Post in error, will you deliver it to the correct location via intercampus mail?

Mail Services will not redirect packages from other carrier companies (FedEx/UPS). It is the responsibility of the department to return these packages to Eagle Post. Please make sure to verify your departments address is on the package before taking it back to your office.