standard mail

Standard mail is mail matter not required to be mailed as first-class. The standard mail rate is lower because the standard characteristics allow for quicker handling. Standard mail and non-profit standard mail is printed matter such as pamphlets, newsletters, direct mail or merchandise that weighs less than 16 oz. All standard mailings must be pre-qualified before mailing by Mail Services.

Preparation for Standard Mail (bulk 455 permit):

  • Must be a mailing of 200 pieces or 50lbs.
  • Must be identical in size and weight.
  • Must be all printed material, nothing hand written other than a signature.
  • Must contain University-related matter.
  • All permit mailings must be accompanied with an account number.
  • All mailings must meet “move update” requirements or it will mail at first class rates.
  • Metered mail will require an endorsement, unless proof of “move update” is provided.

Drop-Off Location

  • Sender must submit standard mailings to the standard mail location at the USB (University Services Building) or to Mail Services.
  • Must be in ZIP code order from ascending to descending
  • All domestic mail pieces must be facing in the same direction.


  • The University has a mailing permit for presorted standard and non-profit, Permit 455.
  • Postage can be applied as pre-printed (called indicia), hand stamped or applied by addressing or postage equipment.
  • If permit is already on the mailing piece, the sender must have a total piece count of the mailing. If we are to apply the postage, a piece count is not needed, and the mail pieces do not have to be identical in weight.


  • If letter-sized mail is not sealed, raise the flaps. Our mailing machines will seal and apply the postage when processed.
  • All flats and invitation size envelopes must be sealed.

Dimensions and weight

  • Maximum weight: 16 oz.
  • Postcard and letter-sized mail is the same postage rate
  • Letter-sized mail over 1/4-inch thick will go to the non-letter-sized rate.
  • Letter- and non-letter-sized mail weighing over 3.3 oz. will be charged by the piece in addition to a pound rate. Depending on the mail piece, it may be subject to a non-machinable surcharge for letter-sized mail pieces.


  • Must include a complete delivery address with correct ZIP code or ZIP + 4 code.
  • A certified process must be used at least once a year to ensure accuracy of 5-digit ZIP codes.
  • Preferred addressing is the same as first class.


  • Keep standard mail separate from all other mail, whether being delivered to or picked up by Mail Services carriers.
  • Mailings should be identified as standard mail (bulk) and must have an Account Information Form attached.
  • We require that departments keep envelopes with an indicia and those without separate. You can not combine the two to make a 200 piece mailing. To use the envelopes in combination the department must cover up the indicia on the envelopes with a white label and Mail Services will meter the mailing.
  • Mail Services has mail trays and tubs for departmental use.

Characteristics and Contents

  • Letters: Maximum weight is 3.3 oz. Must be rectangular in shape. Dimensions are the same as first class.
  • Flats: Maximum weight is 16 oz. Must be rectangular in shape, unless greater than 1/4 inch thick. Dimensions: Minimum is more than 11 1/2 inches long, or more than 6 1/8 inches in high, or more than 1/4 inch thick. Maximum is 15 inches long, 12 inches high and 3/4 inch thick.


  • Must be delivered by the department to the standard mail center in the USB room 128, or to Mail Services in the University Union.
  • We can arrange to have mailings picked up by our carriers if the department calls in advance.
  • We charge a handling fee to process standard mailings.
  • Mailings received after noon will be dispatched the next day.
  • There are deadlines for standard mailings before Thanksgiving, Christmas and year end.
  • A postage statement must accompany mailings.
  • Mailings are taken daily (Monday-Friday) to the Denton Post Office (downtown) from the Standard Mail Center in the USB.
  • Standard mailings are not accepted on federal holidays at the Denton Post Office.